How to Perform in front of an Audience

As a performing artist, I had several challenges of performing in front of an audience at the initial stages. I came to discover that you could be talented but performing in front of a crowd needs extra skills.

Apart from dealing with stage freight, I have done a lot of research in the music industry. The reason is that music brings together several components. I began to gain a lot of insight when I started to checkout this link.

Going back to stage performance, being a good singer does … Read the rest

How to Choose Electric Guitar Lessons for Kids

Music is among the beautiful things that usher your child into the amazing world of discoveries. You can easily support the music skills of your child by introducing them to electric guitars at a tender age.

You cannot buy your child an electric guitar without understanding how to choose the best guitar lessons. You can visit this site in case you need more information on other gadgets that engage children apart from guitars.

However, this article focuses on the basic tips of choosing the best electric guitar lessons for your … Read the rest

Three Main Types of Headphones

types-of-headphonesThere are three main categories of headphones that you can find in the marketplace. These include the electrostatic headphones, Isodynamic or Orthodynamic headphones, and the dynamic headphones.

The headphones are categorized according to the technology the devices utilize in sound production. What differentiates them is the kind of transducer principle the manufacturer uses to convert electronic signals into sound waves.

This article introduces the main types of headphones and you can read this for more info and insight into some awesome audio devices.

Dynamic Headphones

These kinds of headphones make … Read the rest

How to Choose the Best Music Composition Software

There exists a countless number of music composition software and programs in the marketplace. This makes it very hard for any musician to decide the best software.

You could be an upcoming musician who is beginning your composition journey or you are an existing musician who is shifting into the digital recording world.

You can take a look at this informative site to discover how you can move on from where you are in the music industry. However, this article will aspire to guide you on how to choose the … Read the rest

On the Ear Sennheiser Momentum Headphone Review

Are you searching for light and durable headphones that you can use as you listen to your favorite lyrics? Do you need a set of earphones that will allow you to listen to your calls and music in an easy and simple manner?

You don’t need to look further because the Sennheiser momentum review reveals that it is the perfect match for your needs.

This article presents a brief overview of this product in order to guide your purchase decision.

This is a more fashionable and light version of deSennheiser’s … Read the rest

Six Benefits of Exposing Your Kids to Motivational Music

motivational-music-kidsThere is a high likelihood that you have a list of songs you enjoy listening to on a daily basis. May be you love the singer in question, rhythm, melody, or lyrics.

You may find that most of these songs inspire you in one way or the other. Children also need inspiration like any other person.

One of the platforms that can assist you to understand the musical needs of kids is

Motivational songs can assist your child to achieve some things that were hard in the beginning. … Read the rest

Three Primary Principles of Stage Performance

There are several skills that you should develop as an aspiring artist who wants to become a great performer. Some of these skills come naturally, but others need your effort and willingness to learn. Once you gain these fundamental techniques, you will be able to create a dominant performance that impresses your audience.

You can learn other musical aspects from if you wish to become a star.

Several individuals would like to understand the real meaning of an outstanding stage performance. I believe inspiration is critical before you can … Read the rest

How to Practice Singing: Seven Golden Rules for Beginners

practice-singingIf you are an upcoming musician, you could be wondering whether you have enough talent to handle the task. You need to pay more attention to your commitment towards the goal and not talent.

Consistently practicing the right techniques is more valuable than your starting vocal abilities. You can click on this link to get a lot of information on singing tips for beginners.

Here are some tips that can assist you to start in the right direction. You need to go through them if you want to avoid some … Read the rest

The Role Guitars Play in Enhancing a Performance

Guitars have a critical role to play in any music. These functions include the rhythmic, melodic, harmonic, and textural contribution.

As an artist, you should understand how to mix all these features to bring out an excellent performance. This article focuses on each of these contributions.

Rhythmic Role

If you are not playing your guitar as the main melody in the performance, then it will assume the role of a rhythm guitar. Most artists started to include guitars as part of the rhythm of the jazz band.  Guitars add a … Read the rest

What to Look for While Purchasing Headphones for TV

headphones-for-tvYou may have heard of the benefits of using TV headphones, and are contemplating getting one for yourself. We have a broad range of these headphones, but you need to get one that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

There are several things you need to put into consideration before purchasing television headphones.

In case you don’t have any clue about these headphones, you can seek advice from a friend. You can also get more tips on the best headphones for TV on the internet.

Sales assistants at your favorite electronic stores … Read the rest

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Bieber

justin-bieber-singerThere has been quite a bit of controversy over the teen dream Justin Bieber since he first rose to fame several years ago. Many people either love him or hate him and he has a devoted fan club of “Beliebers” all around the world.

Five years ago, Justin Bieber was firmly regarded as a teeny bopper who was only liked by adolescents under the age of 16 years. However, since the release of his latest album, his adult fan base is growing.

It is virtually impossible to walk into a … Read the rest

Tips for Being a Better Pianist

Even if you have been practicing and playing the piano for a long time, there are always things you can do to improve your technique even further. Playing the piano becomes a whole lot more enjoyable when you can focus less on the notes you are trying to play and simply lose yourself in the music. Here are some tips to bear in mind to help you become a better pianist.

Practice slowly

Many people wrongly assume that the faster the play, the better they will be. The opposite is … Read the rest

Why Having the Right Posture When Singing is the Key to Success.

So many aspiring singers today assume that just because they are blessed with a naturally beautiful voice and confidence that they are going to be a huge success. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and having a successful singing career comes from following a strict formula of perfecting your technique.

Using the correct breathing techniques to project your voice appropriately and of course, an excellent stage presence. Having the right posture when it comes to performing, whether it be singing on stage in front of a live audience, or … Read the rest

How to Find out Your Type of Singing Voice

Whilst most singers can sing the majority of songs easily with some practice, there are certain different “types” of voice. If you are able to determine what type of singing voice you have, then you will be able to practice certain songs that will come more naturally to you than others.

This is something that almost every singer wants to discover, but unfortunately it can be rather complex to figure out exactly what the specifics are when it comes to understanding whether your singing voice is Soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, countertenor, … Read the rest

How To Avoid Singing Stage Fright

Stage fright is the number one concern of any professional singer who has at one point or another found themselves to be completely frozen to the spot when they have attempted to sing in front of a large audience. The worst thing about stage fright is that it comes out of nowhere, with no warning signs and it can ruin anyone’s performance in a matter of seconds. Here are some tips for how to avoid singing stage fright when you next get up on stage.

Make sure you are as… Read the rest

How To Perfect Flute Practice

Playing the flute is the dream of many people both young and old. Just like playing any other instrument, practice makes perfect. Many people make the mistake of thinking that practicing often will make them a better flute player and whilst this is partially true, it is important to be practicing in a certain way if you really want to improve your technique and become and excellent flute player.

Practice in front of a mirror

Your posture and breathing are crucial to becoming a good flute player, which is why … Read the rest

Best Head Phones You Can Buy Under $100 without Compromising Quality

After watching some general guidelines on how to choose headphones. Let’s focus more what can be achieved for lower prices. There exists a wide range of headphones that will cost you less than $100. Here are some guidelines you can use while searching for good cheap headphones.


This model of headphones has a very clear and detailed sound. The headphones have a very simple and professional design that is extremely secure and comfortable. You can rotate and pack the head phone set in a small pouch making it easily … Read the rest

Increase Your Vocal Range In Shortest Time

There are so many vocalists who desire to understand their vocal range. This is a question that is in the mind of both experienced and aspiring singers. Hitting high notes has the ability to either break or make your performance. You should make sure that you don’t expose yourself to any injuries while singing.

We offer here a few tips that can assist you comfortably and safely improve your vocal range over a specified time period.

You need to condition your vocal muscles in such a way that you are … Read the rest