Best Head Phones You Can Buy Under $100 without Compromising Quality

After watching some general guidelines on how to choose headphones. Let’s focus more what can be achieved for lower prices. There exists a wide range of headphones that will cost you less than $100. Here are some guidelines you can use while searching for good cheap headphones.


This model of headphones has a very clear and detailed sound. The headphones have a very simple and professional design that is extremely secure and comfortable. You can rotate and pack the head phone set in a small pouch making it easily portable. You can use these headphones for several hours without feeling any discomfort. This head phone is very suitable for traveling and vacationing.

Sennheiser HD 429

These headphones enable you to listen to your music with a lot of bass sound. The head phones have two huge ear cups which enhance their comfort. They are light weight ear phones because they are made out of plastic which makes them more comfortable. You can also clip these earphones on a phone and talk conveniently.

Sony MDR 7506 Professional

These headphones may seem to be very heavy by appearance, but they have a very light weight. They have a high-quality sound that comes with a lot of bass. This is the main reason why these headphones still exist up to now. They have excellent noise isolation ability that cub the outside noise while listening to your music. The other advantage is that you can customize these headphones according to your style. The head phones have a high-quality sound that is clear and detailed.

Audio Technica ATH-M30X

The headphone uses a 40mm driver that enhances its ability to reproduce good quality bass sounds.  These headphones have high-quality cords and adapters that don’t require replacement. The headphones are comfortable because they are of light weight. They have a long cord that can adapt to all your demands. They serve those individuals who work in the recording field effectively.

Sennheiser HD 558 Headphones

These headphones have very clear sounds with enhanced the bass. They allow you to hear each sound from the song distinctively. The headphones allow all sounds to blend in a seamless manner. They have single cables that have a twist and lock design that makes them last longer. The headphones have a neodymium ferrous magnetic system that is field strengthened. They have very long cables that allow you to listen to your music from anywhere.

Sony MDRV55 Red Extra Bass & DJ Headphones

These headphones have a very strong design with a powerful bass system. You can easily store them in your desk or bag as they are easy to fold. They also come in several colors and choice including black and white.

Grado Prestige Series SR80e Headphones

These headphones produce a great quality of sound to the listeners. They have retro looks that are not boring to the owner. You can fold these headphones and carry them with a lot of ease. You can decide to place them on your ear instead of placing them directly on your ear canal. You can get more information on these headphones from the following video:

BOHM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

These headphones are authentically pleasing with their amazing chic and sleek design. Its cord has a start and stop button that assists to play back or hang up calls. They have premium stereo drivers that assist you in vibrant highs, pronounce mids and a nice bass. It has an inbuilt feature that cancels all active noise from the outside. They have a wide range of colors including the golden or tan, silver, black and tan tinge. They are highly compatible with the Bluetooth mobile application.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

They produce a clear and accurate sound because they support a wide range of frequencies. The headphones produce clean and natural sound because they use high-quality audio drivers. Their components are easily replaceable making them more durable. They have a light weight with reduced ambient noise.

Blue R+ Legend- Best Wireless Headphones

These headphones are installed with an eight driver unit technology that produces high-quality sounds. They have a very flexible Bluetooth and plugin connectivity. In addition, these headphones are very flexible and have a great design. You can view more information from (

In case you are looking for headphones that will cost you less than 100$, this article gives you a guide on what to expect from each.