How to Choose the Best Music Composition Software

There exists a countless number of music composition software and programs in the marketplace. This makes it very hard for any musician to decide the best software.

You could be an upcoming musician who is beginning your composition journey or you are an existing musician who is shifting into the digital recording world.

You can take a look at this informative site to discover how you can move on from where you are in the music industry. However, this article will aspire to guide you on how to choose the best music recording software.

DAWs vs. Notation Programs

Notation programs are software that you can use to create to create your sheet music. You cannot use this software unless you know how to write and read music. Digital work stations (DAWS) are very good in the production of professional sounding Audio.

The lists of virtual instruments, sounds libraries, and effects are countless. DAWS have very powerful ways of manipulating sounds and notes than notation programs.

Maybe you don’t understand how to create a great sounding audio. DAW is usually the best option when you want to create a good Audio.

Alternatively, if you wish to use live instruments in your composition, choir, an orchestra and you don’t want to record your music in a studio, you can go for the notation program.

You can also view some five programs of recording and creating music from this video:

Best Notation Programs for Composing Your Music


Most professionals who use this program are sheet music creators. Some printed music in most music stores are created by Finale. However, its learning curve is a bit high with several features.

The program may be too complicated for first timers but you can start with the Finale notepad which is an easier and free version.


Sibelius competes Finale closely and is great for all kinds of composers. Unlike Finale that targets traditionalists, Sibelius serves a more general audience.

Most artists who use the program are media composers like video game and film composers. Its interface is more beginner friendly as it is more easy to learn and use.

Muse score

The software is among the best free notation free programs you find out there. It has several features that make it nearly equal to the Sibelius and Finale programs. It is hard for beginners but you can catch up along the way.

Best DAWs Programs for Composing your Music

Logic Pro X

music-composingThis program is a favorite for film music composers, TV, games, media, and EDM music producers. The program has special plugins that make hard style artists to love it. The program has excellent MIDI manipulation capabilities and is highly versatile.

You can use this program to compose, mix, edit, and master the whole track. Only Mac users can make use of this program because it is Apple-only software.

FL Studio

This software is popular and very easy for beginners. Its best attribute is the piano role that is very powerful and intuitive. The program falls short of recording and editing. It’s the best choice when you are only dealing with MIDI.

Cu base

Cu base is good for windows users who are looking for Logic Pro but lack Mac. It’s an excellent all-rounder such as utilizing MIDI and has an easy Audio.

It has more advanced features than Logic like its VCA faders and rendering-in place.

Digital Performer

Most film composers around the world love this conservative program. Its new version now includes guitar plugins Hybrid Synthesizer.