How to Perform in front of an Audience

As a performing artist, I had several challenges of performing in front of an audience at the initial stages. I came to discover that you could be talented but performing in front of a crowd needs extra skills.

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Going back to stage performance, being a good singer does not imply that you know how to manage the stage. I have a lot of experience in singing but I find myself getting a bit nervous especially when I am alone in front of a big crowd.

You may not have such a feeling while singing in a choir or band. The true test comes when you are presenting alone.

I sang in the school and church choir from my childhood and had no problem with performing in front of an audience. Being in a group gives you some form of courage and you may not know what you are lacking.

The first time I was to present alone was when my family was having a get together. We went to a hotel that had a karaoke and I had to present alone.

Everyone knew that I was a talented singer who had no problem with stage performance. However, my hands were shaking out of fear.

The goodness is that I managed to sing at the end of the day and the audience appreciated my effort. It came out clearly that you need to overcome your nerves before stepping in front of an audience.

Ask your mentor for his honest opinion on whether you can sing in front of a crowd. Let them highlight on any areas you need to improve before you can sing in front of people.

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Use any opportunity that comes your way to Practice In front of an Audience

The best opportunity to sing in front of a crowd is during karaoke performances. Make it a routine to take your friends for a karaoke and always look for an opportunity to present.

Since you have a long list of songs in the karaoke room, always choose the ones that match your style. This is what I used to gain confidence in front of an audience.

Prepare Before You Step on Stage

You need to clear your mind of any distraction and focus on the performance. This is the point where you need to overcome the nerves. Relax your throat by drinking some water before you step on stage.

You may also choose to close your eyes and take a few deep breathes. Such a meditation will assist you to relax. You may also do some light vocal exercises such as scales shortly before the performance.

Choose an Appropriate Song

Finally, it’s critical to choose an appropriate song. Never go for a song that is vocally challenging or difficult to sing while presenting before a crowd. You may become nervous to a point of missing a note as you sing before people.

The advantage of going for an easy song is that it comes out naturally and you may have no worries on hitting the notes. It’s also advisable to wear loose clothing to avoid any restriction from a tight waistline or color.

You will discover that confidence comes with time.