Why Having the Right Posture When Singing is the Key to Success.

So many aspiring singers today assume that just because they are blessed with a naturally beautiful voice and confidence that they are going to be a huge success. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and having a successful singing career comes from following a strict formula of perfecting your technique.

Using the correct breathing techniques to project your voice appropriately and of course, an excellent stage presence. Having the right posture when it comes to performing, whether it be singing on stage in front of a live audience, or in the recording studio- is your key to success. Here’s why!

Posture improves the quality of your voice

The main goal of all singers is to be able to project their voice loudly and clearly. There will also be sections of a song, which require you to be able to hold a note for a lengthy period of time. This is why singing when you are slouching, or looking down is never a good idea.

If you hold yourself correctly, then you will be able to expand your lungs and your diaphragm, thus improving the quality and sound of your singing voice.  If you are struggling to understand how to maintain the correct singing posture, then check out this video to help you get started.

Posture allows you to be more fluid

Even if you are not going to pursue a singing career on stage in the form of musical theatre or Opera, you still don’t want to get into the habit of being rooted to the ground and entirely still when you sing. Firstly, it will look awkward and secondly, it will sound awkward.

Your vocal chords are a muscle that need to be flexed and maintaining the correct posture when singing will allow your voice to come across as more fluid and also your stage presence will be more natural.

Posture facilitates better breathing

singingposture-fourEveryone knows how important correct breathing is when it comes to singing. If you have the right posture when you sing, then you will be able to breathe properly and your voice will sound better.

Your posture will allow you to sing high quality notes that are completely in tune, which is especially important if you are preparing for an audition, or a live performance.

The ideal singing posture means being rooted in your core muscle groups and connecting with your breath, so that you don’t have to focus on anything other than hitting the right note, with the right force during your song.

It doesn’t matter whether you will be sitting, lying or standing- you still need to focus on your posture and make sure that your chest is open, your spine is straight and you are feeling relaxed before beginning to sing.

Put your shoulders back and feel how your chest opens, taking the pressure off your lungs and literally making space for the beautiful sounds that can now freely emerge from your throat.